Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a little something in the mail...

What a surprise I had today! In order to share my glee, I must first tell you a sweet story.

Last fall, Joe got a call from Joe Parker, the president of the TSCRA, inquiring as to some place here in Guthrie for him and his wife Marjorie to stop and rest a bit before finishing their little trip to Lubbock to the fall convention. Marjorie was receiving medical treatments which required frequent rests along their journey. For those of you who know my Joe, you know that there was no better place to stop than our house. I was as delighted as he to host the couple. As it turned out, WE were the ones blessed. What delightful conversation I had with Marjorie that day.

Marjorie shared with me the fact she was an authoress and about to release a devotional book book entitled Shaken to the Core (And Finding God's Strength). It was written for those facing troubled times. Oh my goodness! Did we begin to talk! I have been anxiously awaiting this book's release because I knew it was chalked full of people's little stories who were "shaken to their core" and found "God's strength". I later called Marjorie (hoping to get Christmas gifts) and ordered one.

Unfortunately it was not released in time for my Christmas gift, but I got it today!!! What a joy for me!!! Actually, I had forgotten about the order until it arrived. I have to admit, I left the office for a bit because I didn't want my moment with this book spoiled by the piles of paperwork I see animated and teasing me to finish. I've read several devotions by now...learned a few facts about my body...been encouraged by scripture...and cried over lessons learned.

Perhaps I enjoyed it more because I knew the writer...but I love it more because this woman and the people about whom she writes know my Lord! Their stories of adversity do not have "Hollywood" endings, but our God has...and is...showing Himself mighty in their weakness.

Great Job, Marjorie!...and you can stop at my house ANYTIME!

Oh and....I'm keeping this copy and NOT giving it away. I'll order more for gifting!!!

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