Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teaching an old dog new tricks...

Well, I wanted to simply post a comment on my daughter's blog. I cannot begin to describe the hours I have spent at the computer trying to get an account to put my name on a comment. All I wanted was let Sarah know I cared enough to read it. I have several times and never have been able to leave a comment.

Now my inability to do that has to do with Anna having a Google account with our email address (I THINK. We are deducing.) Since she is about to be married, she decided to drop the account and let me pick it up-thus giving MY name to our email address and correctly leave my name on the comment line. Sounds simple, but I have had my moments of frustration. I want to just quit and save the aggrivation; however, I have much yet to learn and it is not a time to quit. Then came the "invitation" to blog! OK, Louise, you can do this TOO! uhh HUH! ANNA!!!!! COME HELP ME!!!! PLEEEEEASE!!!!!

Bless my children...they have received instruction from me for so many years and now I am turning to them to be my teacher. It is humbling to say the least. The funny thing is, I have flash backs of my school days standing at the blackboard with chalk in hand, tears streaming down my cheeks, and the teacher's shrill voice getting a little louder as I wrestled with a math concept. (Believe me, my own kids have heard my shrill screeches far too often!) Now, the roles are reversing and I again feel the pangs of feeling ignorant as my daughters try to teach me this internet communication "web". IT IS A WEB--woven from so many directions!! The amazing thing is--they have yet to shreak at me. Their voices remain calm and assuring, "...don't give up, Mom! You can do this! It is easy!" From where did they get their patience? I don't think it was from me!

Funny thing is... I LOVE doing math today! The frustration and tears melted away with understanding. I am praying the same thing happens with blogs, internet communication, and whatever technology throws my way...that is if my kids are still willing to patiently teach me.

I just had a thought...Perhaps the reason OLD DOGS have a hard time learning NEW TRICKS is because in dog years, they are much older than their teachers.

To whomever is willing to read my fumblings!

One Lord! One Passion!


  1. AAAAAAAA! My mom has a BLOG!! Ok, when I am home for the summer I will help you edit and set up the cute sides, backgrounds, headings, etc.......
    I'm going to add you to my blogroll now ;)

  2. Hey, you got it done! Yea! The bad part is, about the time you learn how to do all this webby techy stuff, then the service such as blogger of facebook or whatever changes things on THEIR end. Ugh! Just think of it as exercise for the brain! :) Now that you have a blog, you will have to actually read mine! :-D
    Love ya.

  3. Isn't it time to post again? hum?